Hello, We Are Mike and Erin Lesnick
Mike and Erin's Self Portrait
Engagement Portrait

About Mike & Erin

Photography has been a lifelong hobby and passion for both Mike & Erin. Erin's father was a wedding, event and portrait photographer when Erin was growing up and Mike developed an interest in photography when he was a teen. In 2002, Mike photographed his first wedding and began developing his career in photography. Since they met, Mike & Erin have been perfecting their unique artistic style; working together to create lasting memories for their clients. The quality and attention to detail found in their wedding, event and portrait photography serve as a testament to their professional skills and passion for both their work and clients.

What Sparked Mike's Interest in Photography

While growing up in the Manassas, VA area, Mike spent a lot of time with his Dad who was Fire Chief of the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company. At the age of 15, he ran a call with him; they got to a home that was on fire and the Chief tossed Mike his camera, asking him to take pictures. Mike started clicking away and immediately felt the enjoyment he still feels today when snapping a photo. He started to take pictures of friends and family and soon began working as an assistant to a local photographer to gain experience. As he perfected his skills and style, he really started to see how much he loved the art of photography and wanted to make a career out of it; capturing and sharing his art with others.