Debbie & Rhys' Testimonial

June 14, 2016

five-starsfive-starsFive Stars

"I wanted to take my time and write a long review about why Lesnick Photography is amazing and how Mike and Erin are the best at what they do, but I have a newborn and very little time. So long story short: Mike and Erin photographed my engagement, wedding, pregnancy and newborn baby. I've loved every shoot I've done with them and I cannot wait to book my next session.

P.S. Quick pics are awesome and super fun to share right after the shoot.

P.P.S. All of their photos are available for free download from their website. No paying stupid fees for individual images.

P.P.P.S. When it comes to your wedding day: You don't have to like the person who's baking your cake or altering your dress but you do have to like your photographers or it will show in your pictures. Mike and Erin make it easy to relax and be yourself.

TL;DR - 5 stars."
   - Debby

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five-starsfive-starsFive Stars

"Mike and Erin photographed our wedding and they were amazing! They have a complimentary style and work wonderfully together giving us a well rounded collection for our wedding. Also after the wedding all of their photos are free to the public which means that your guests can download any and all photos from their website. No silly water marks or contracts to keep us from our pictures."
   - Debby

Source: WeddingWire

MLP_1738MLP_1738 MLP_2400MLP_2400 MLP_1626MLP_1626 MLP_0292MLP_0292 MLP_0011_E_0453MLP_0011_E_0453 MLP_0018_E_1092MLP_0018_E_1092 Rhys & Debbie's Newborn PortraitRhys & Debbie's Newborn PortraitRhys & Debbie's newborn portrait at their home in Manassas, VA

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