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About Mike and Erin

About Mike and Erin

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Photography has been a lifelong hobby and passion for both Mike & Erin. Erin's father was a wedding, event and portrait photographer growing up and Mike developed an interest in photography when he was a teen. In 2002, Mike photographed his first wedding and began developing his career in photography. Since they met, Mike & Erin have been perfecting their unique artistic style; working together to create lasting memories for their clients. The quality and attention to detail found in their wedding, event and portrait photography serve as a testament to their professional skills and passion for both their work and clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can we bring to our portrait session?

A: We do not put any restrictions on the number of people that we photograph. All of our portrait session pricing is based on time so what we photograph during that time is up to you. Please keep in mind however, that the more people we are photographing the fewer images we tend to deliver. Organizing large groups can take time and each individual grouping will likely receive fewer final images.

Q: How many images do you deliver per portrait session/wedding?

A: We do not have any limits on the number of images we take or deliver. Each final gallery will vary greatly depending on what we were photographing. We do however, make an effort to keep our wedding photography galleries less than one thousand edited images.

Our mean average image counts for 2016:

  • 143 images - Orange portrait session (30 minute)
  • 247 images - Blue portrait session (90 minute)
  • 677* images - Orange wedding photography package (6 hour)
  • 905 images - Blue wedding photography package (full day)

*We introduced our Orange wedding photography package mid 2016 so we only had one Orange wedding that year. We feel it is a good indicator of what to expect from future Orange wedding packages.

Q: Can I add time to my portrait session?

A: Absolutely! Our standard packages are thirty and sixty minutes but we can always customize the amount of time to meet your needs. Please contact us for custom portrait session pricing and view up to date information here, www.lesnickphoto.com/pricing/portrait 

Q: What do I need to bring with me to my session?

A: Just your smiles! With small children it can be convenient to have a blanket for some sitting photos but it depends on your needs and preferences. We love working with families that have dogs, please be mindful though that it's best to bring a friend that can help keep an eye on your pet while we take a few portraits without your furry friend.

Q: Can I bring props to our session?

A: We love working with props! We do not supply props but they are always a welcome addition to any session and we would be happy to make suggestions for any sessions.

Q: What should I wear to my portrait session?

A: Simple solid colors tend to photograph best but it really depends on your personal style and the look you want in your images. You should be comfortable and like what you are wearing.

Q: How long will it take for my images to be delivered?

A: We deliver some of our favorite images the day after we photograph them (aka Quick Picks). The final gallery is typically available within three to four weeks however, our delivery time varies greatly depending on our workload. You can always see approximately how many galleries are in front of yours by visiting the galleries section of our website (www.lesnickphoto.com/galleries). The most recent galleries appear at the top of the page and we edit images in the order we captured them. 

Q: How long will my images be available for download?

A: We do not limit the amount of time that your gallery will be available. Older galleries are located in corresponding yearly archives at the bottom of our galleries page. If for some reason you can not locate your gallery please contact us.

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Common Interview Questions

Mike and Erin's wedding portrait

How did you get in to wedding photography?
Mike and Erin have been photographing weddings and portraits together since they met in 2011. Coming from different backgrounds, they independently developed their own unique perspectives and photography techniques. A clear example of this is the fact that Erin is a Canon shooter and Mike is a Nikon shooter. 

While growing up in the Manassas, VA area, Mike spent a lot of time with his Dad who was Fire Chief of the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company. At the age of 15, he ran a call with him; they got to a home that was on fire and the Chief tossed Mike his camera, asking him to take pictures. Mike started clicking away and immediately felt the enjoyment he still feels today when capturing a photo. He started to take pictures of friends and family and in high school began working as an assistant to a local wedding photographer to gain experience. As he perfected his skills and style, he really started to see how much he loved the art of photography and wanted to make a career out of it; capturing and sharing his art with others.

Erin has been around photography her whole life. Her father was a wedding and portrait photographer growing up and she picked up a lot of her technique from him. When she started dating Mike (who was already a full time wedding and portrait photographer) she started assisting him with his weddings. She soon replaced Mike's assistants and now works side by side with Mike as a lead photographer.

Having such strong backgrounds in photography, when the two come together they make an amazing team. Over the years they have developed a system for photographing weddings, portraits and events. This system ensures that they never miss a moment and deliver images that will be an everlasting reminder of the special moments in your life.

How do you handle clients that are not photogenic?
We feel like everyone is photogenic! Even people that typically don't like having their picture taken are happy with our work. It's all about finding the angles and lighting that make our clients look their best.

Mike and Erin's self portrait

What are the most important components of a good photo in your opinion?
It's very important to get proper framing and exposure in camera. We are both fully manual photographers. This ensures that we always get a proper exposure and our images require only minimal editing. That is how we get our images to not have that "over processed" look that is common today.

Do you love traveling?
Who doesn't love traveling!? We have photographed weddings all around the US including most recently in Colorado, Texas and Georgia. We love destination weddings and are always up for a new adventure!

How do you handle criticism?
We love criticism! We view it as an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves as photographers. 

What should the criteria be for a bride and groom to choose their wedding photographer?
There are two main things a bride and groom should focus on when selecting a wedding photographer. First and most important is to find a photographer that has a style that appeals to you. Every photographer photographs weddings differently and it's important to find one with a style that you like. Keep in mind that portfolio images can be deceptive so be sure to browse full wedding galleries to ensure that you consistently like the style of images delivered. The other key factor when selecting a photographer is personality. Always meet in person (or at least phone conference) with your prospective photographers and select one that you like. The photographer is going to be by your side almost the entire day of your wedding so having a person that fits your personality is a must.

Do you like dogs and cats?
We love animals! We have a dog named Nikon and a cat named Canon. We think your pets are part of the family and love when they are included in portraits. Please always feel free to bring them along!


Mike and Erin's pet dog, NikonMike and Erin's pet cat, Canon



Question source: www.mywed.com | Mike & Erin's Wedding Portrait by Scott Henrichsen Photography (thanks, Scott!!)